How do I use my fetal Doppler?

The best way to use the Doppler is when you’re lying down with an exposed stomach. Apply an ultrasound gel to the fetal Doppler. Place the Doppler to your lower abdomen area above the pubic line and be patient! Try to keep from dragging the probe around, try slow, lighter motions.

How often should I use the Annie Fetal Doppler?

There is no consensus when it comes to how often you should use the Doppler. But doctors agree that it should be used in short intervals after the first trimester is over. If you cannot find the heartbeat within the first 10 minutes, don’t worry and try again in a few days. The heartbeat is sometimes hard to find even for trained professionals, yet there is no reason to worry. If you are concerned, contact your health care provider.

When can I listen to my baby’s heartbeat?

Some women can detect their baby’s heartbeat as early as 8-12 weeks. The heartbeat should be clearly audible at around 12 weeks after conception. For best results, we recommend you to start using the Doppler at around 16 weeks.

How do I know that I’m hearing my baby’s heartbeat and not mine?

You can easily tell by the heart rate (beats per minute). A normal range for a developing baby’s heartbeat is considered somewhere between 120-180 BPM, your own heart rate is much lower, around 60-90 BPM.

What should my baby’s heart rate ideally be?

A normal fetal heart rate ranges anywhere from 120 to 170 BPM. It changes as the baby grows, increasing in the first few weeks of pregnancy and decreasing in the last stages of your pregnancy. A healthy baby’s heart rate is usually regular, but movement, stress, and other activities can cause the heart rate to vary.

What does a fetal heartbeat sound like?

When you’re pregnant, there isn’t a sweeter sound that hearing your baby’s heartbeat. There is no heartbeat like your baby’s. Many describe the sound of a baby’s heartbeat as sounding like galloping horses.

How do I connect the Doppler to my phone?

You have two options: via Bluetooth or via cable. Pairing via Bluetooth: Click the Bluetooth button on the Doppler and turn on Bluetooth on your phone to search for the Doppler. Once your phone discovers the Doppler, connect the two. Pairing via cable: Insert one end of the cable into the recording jack of the Doppler and the other end into the headset jack of your phone.

Can the radiation harm the baby?

No. A Fetal Doppler is not the same as a sonograph, and although they both use ultrasound, exposure during the sonography is much higher than a handheld Fetal Doppler. To be safe, it is recommended to use the Doppler for 10 minutes at a time once every few days.

Do I still have to be medically examined if I use the Fetal Doppler?

Annie Fetal Doppler does not in any way replace medical care and regular check-ups with your obstetrician or physician. You should use it between examinations to check your baby’s heartbeat at home and reassure yourself between appointments. Contact your doctor if you have any doubts about your pregnancy and don’t rely solely on the Fetal Doppler for your baby’s well-being.

Can you determine the sex of the baby based on the heart rate?

And old wife’s tale says that you can guess if you’re having a boy or a girl based on the number of beats per minute. A tale is all this is. There is no way in knowing what sex ybabeour baby is based on the heartbeat alone. The only sure way to find out the baby’s sex is still in fact giving birth!

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